Non-invasive battle against mimic wrinkles

Women at the age of 25 look in the mirror anxiously. Has it started yet? Does it also concern me? After a quarter of a century we enter the stage of skin ageing. First wrinkles might appear then as well as problems with flexibility and smoothness of the skin. When looking for the best way to fight them, we can choose one of a few options – the more invasive one, i.e. botox, and the other one that is safe, yet equally efficient, i.e. cosmetics with a revolutionary dermocosmetic formula with a botox-like effect.

Problematic wrinkles on your face

Wrinkles around lips, at the corners of eyes, on cheeks, a vertical line on the forehead… They might appear anywhere on the face. Usually, we observe mimic wrinkles that are already visible between 25 and 30 years of age around nose and lips as well as on the forehead and around the eyes. They are caused by facial movements, that is by our mimics. This is the result of intense work of muscles, which contract about 15 000 times a day when you are happy, sad, angry or smiling.

There are also sun-related wrinkles that are the result of frequent exposure to the sun and harmful effects of UV radiation. There frequently appear discolourations, which is another problem difficult to eradicate. Wrinkles also form during sleep and they depend on how our skin is positioned. Subsequently, during the natural process of ageing, i.e. over time, senescent wrinkles appear.

The first ones, i.e. mimic wrinkles, are considered to be the biggest problem, because they deprive women of a young look at the age of 25-30. How to get rid of this problem? How to smooth the mimic wrinkles in the area of forehead, lips and eyes?

Reduction of wrinkles – invasive and non-invasive methods

Smooth, flexible, free from wrinkles, radiant and young-looking – these adjectives describe the skin that every woman dreams of. The response to these desires is the treatment of injecting botox, i.e. botulinum toxin of A-type, which has become very common lately. The treatment guarantees smoothness of wrinkles, however already existing mimic wrinkles are not removed in this way. It consists in injecting the substances into the area of wrinkles to block signals from the nerves which are responsible for contracting facial muscles. The muscles lose their ability to contract. This method is invasive; there is a risk of side effects such as the effect of “frozen face”, erythema, weakening of facial muscles or spread of botox into muscles that are around the place of the injected substance.

Many women do not opt for botox due to high price and related hazards. In order to provide safe and effective care of the skin suffering from visible mimic wrinkles, a non-invasive alternative for botox, neuropeptide XEPTM – 018 was developed and patented. This purified biomimetic version of Australian marine snail focuses on smoothness and reduction of mimic wrinkles. Created in a biochemical process it is characterized by increased penetration compared with chain peptides. XEPTM – 018 relaxes muscles, smoothes existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

Care with the “botox- like” effect

Without invasive procedures into the skin, but with the same effect, more natural and long-lasting –these are the features of the cosmetics including neuropeptide XEPTM – 018. This is how the Bo2look Therapy MD esthetic duo came to life, i.e. an elixir and cream that relax facial muscles responsible for formation of mimic wrinkles. Bo2look Eliksir with neuropeptide in the concentration of 5% reduces the visibility of wrinkles in the areas of the forehead and eyes; it should be applied into the upper part of the face. Bo2Look Wrinkle Relaxer cream is intended to take care of the whole face and it supports the activity of a rejuvenating elixir. Performing regular facial massage is also recommended when using the cream which firms the skin. It is advised to enrich home care with fractioning of the skin using Frax Pena 0.5 mm to obtain even more spectacular effect.

It is worth going even further, though.

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